melissa (feralshiksa) wrote in linnaeascafe,

How has Linnaea's effected your life? Or has it? What memories do you have there?

My relationship with Linnaea's circles around a good friend. We were best friends and when she started going to Linnaea's I thought I was losing her. I was growing up and had never known the coffeeshop lifestyle, it seemed foreign, adult and scary.
Being with this friend was being at Linnaea's we spent so many hours there and talked with so many people. Being with her, she seemed to take charge and embue the world with such style and comfort. It felt like me and her against the world. The richness, trying new drinks, and new flirtations. Being independent and adult. I felt part of a culture. Coffeeshop then equaled hipness.
Something happened, because I misunderstood things, I expected that things would be as they were. We weren't friends any more. I no longer went to Linnaea's. But recently we met again, and Linnaea's was like an old friend, no longer sinister, new or adult, it was like a comfy old sweater thrown in the closet and forgotten, when I picked it up again, I saw the intricacy of the stitching, the smell of old wildflowers, the pale green color.
Thank you for being rich. Thank you for being stylish and lovely. Thank you Linnaea's and thank you, old friend- you're both beautiful to me.

Enought sentimental drivel.
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linnaea's is the one thing in SLO that matt (abusive ex) didn't taint for me. not that we never went there--we were there all the time...but more that it was MY place not OUR place.
and now, it's my haven. it's safe there.
and i know when i leave here, i'm going to miss it the most. i'll probably have to drive up for linnaea's fixes (and gdessgatherings)
Where are you going? When?
Thanks for sharing. It is a safe place, a yummy place too, especially when they have vegan lunches!
not going anywhere yet, but sometime in the next two years i'll be leaving the area for grad school.